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ACAS Approach

A Culture of Well being

We know our students learn best when their well being is optimised,  and they develop a strong sense of well being when they experience success in their learning, are confident in their identity and are  optimistic about their future.

Our students understand that individual well being is a skill that can be developed. Our well being curriculum teaches lifelong personal competencies to develop our students’ resilience, an understanding of their own strengths and the importance of recognising strengths in others.

We are committed to:

  • Unlocking individual strengths and virtues.
  • Fostering well being.
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Building life-long mindfulness, resilience and commitment to service.
  • Developing emotional maturity and spiritual richness within the traditional and our religious teachings.
  • Engendering a growth mindset whereby our students thrive on challenge and see failure not as a defeat but as a springboard for growth and for stretching their existing abilities.

ACAS acknowledges the essential role of well being as a pre-condition of engagement in quality learning; as vital as the commitment to high quality resources and technology. Add to that the motivation provided by its uniquely serene setting with world-class facilities and inspiring vistas – and this is ACAS.

The addition of the beautiful architectural has added a new dimension to the entrance of ACAS College.

“Entitled, Moving Forward,Looking Back. It symbolises the students of the college making their own passage from child to adulthood, with new possession of knowledge and skills, moving confidently from the sanctuary of the college into the world.”

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