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Our motto:

Love, Joy and Peace, nurtures within our students – humanity, tolerance, respect and understanding are qualities our College embraces. I look forward to welcoming you personally to our campus where you will see our philosophy translated into practice. It will provide an opportunity to walk through our beautiful vision turned in to state , and observe our dedicated staff and wonderful students immersed in what they  do best – learn together. You will witness how ACAS empowers students for life; secure in their character, confident in their abilities, respectful in their manner and equipped to make their unique contributions to the world.

ACAS Students develop skills, values and confidence that allow and encourage them to take charge of their lives, now and into the future. The openly-stated goal of ACAS education. Empowering Students for Life – represents an inspirational position, and an aspirational outlook.  We want our students to unleash their potential not only during their years at college, but well beyond. 

Our students don’t just have equal opportunities – they have every opportunity. Students hold every leadership position – in the classroom, on the stage and on the sports field.

ACAS College aims to provide educational opportunities without compromise. We nurture independence and imagination by providing an environment where students are free from gender stereotyping, allowing students to participate in individual self-expression more freely and, as a result, build a sense of their own identity.

In a learning environment dedicated to students and without social pressures, students engage in more healthy competition and risk taking – skills that are advantageous for leadership and life success.

ACAS Students are not defined by their academic outcomes alone.

Strong in intellect – and strong in character is our approach, not just one or the other but both!

Prof.Masood Ahmed Gill


Ambitious College of advance studies

At ACAS, we don’t just teach students; we create the conditions under which high-quality learning thrives. As Head of Institute, I want our students to go into the world strong in intellect – and equally strong in character.  

I want your children to understand that being brave, taking risks, working hard, developing self-control, showing grit, and displaying adaptive thinking – these are qualities that will unleash their potential.

We are experts in recognising the qualities of students – understanding them as learners; and as people. This knowledge is built up over many years of experience in educating youngsters.

In partnership with families, our responsibility is to develop youngsters who have the capacity to engage with – and respond to – their world with integrity, wisdom and imagination.

Community permeates all we do at ACAS. It has remained a defining approach since our College was conceived.

Malik Naveed Awan

Head of Institute
ACAS Academic Complex

At ACAS,  we believe it is our duty to unlock the potential of our students and show them the astounding capabilities they can achieve with education and professional training. We are creating an educational hub at ACAS that will provide a platform for our present and future students to build their own futures what ever they may choose to do with it. It is our responsibility to graduate students who believe they have obtained first class education and skills. 

For our nation to progress, we have to put education first and foremost. Equipping the youth of Pakistan with education will allow them to build confidence, a better life and a successful career. Education is key and at ACAS, we aim to build the next assets of our country and empower the future of Pakistan with first class education.

Snabil Tariq

Head of Career Development and Training Programs
ACAS Academic Complex

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